Supercars Season Highlights 2007-2015 DVD Box Set

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Motorsport has forever been part of Australia’s shared sporting heritage, with a rich history that reveals a profound relationship between fans and the sport’s fabric.

At its pinnacle is the Supercars Championship, the nation’s premier motor racing series and the custodian of over five decades of Aussie motor racing legend and legacy.

Between February and December each year, extraordinary scenes of nail-biting drama play out on famous raceways across Australia – and now the world – as drivers and manufacturers push their vehicles to the limit in a daring dance of mind and machine. With speed, skill and stamina, these modern-day gladiators must test their mettle against not only each other, but some of the most challenging tracks on the circuit.

In this limited edition collection of 9 DVDs, strap yourself in for nine years of high-octane highlights from the Supercars Championship, with exclusive highlights programs from Australia’s iconic racing events – full season reviews from each year of the greatest show on wheels.

Duration: Approximately 36 Hours.